Report: Ellen DeGeneres met the final episodes with tears


The final episodes of The Ellen DeGeneres Show It will feature more than just A-list celebrities. There will also be some empty Kleenex boxes.

six pages has reported that Ellen Degeneres he cried a lot during the last days of production of the daytime talk show that lasted more than 18 years. “All the weeks leading up to the final were very emotional,” a source said.

The final show was recorded on April 28 and will air on May 26. Jennifer Aniston other pink appear in the farewell, a nod to the fact that they were both in the first episode in 2003. (When David Letterman retired in 2015, did a similar trick with Bill Murraywho was he first guest on Late night with David Letterman in 1982.)

Other big names that will appear during the final batch of episodes include Oprah Winfrey, kate mckinnon, Justin Timberlake, Zack Efron, Julia Louis Dreyfus, urban keith, Sean “Diddy” Combs, luke bryan, kerry washington, Brad Paisley, Mila KunisY bruno mars. Despite the power of the star, six pages reported that the final recording was somewhat subdued.

“She wanted to go out quietly,” her insider said, commenting on the lack of a red carpet or other victory laps after such a long run. “It was friends and family of the cast and crew in the audience.”

Aniston was also reported to have joined DeGeneres in the leaky eye department, “in tears as soon as she walked onto the set.” degeneres wife porcia de rossi He was reportedly on set for the last two weeks.

DeGeneres announced the closure of her show at this time. last yearapproximately ten months after the publication of an investigation BuzzFeed news article in which former employees on the show called it a “toxic work culture.” ellen referred to the complaints as “devastating”, but added that he felt they were “orchestrated” and “felt very misogynistic”.


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