PETA says Ciara and Russell Wilson made a ‘two-step mistake’ by buying a puppy from a breeder instead of adopting it


PETA had time! While Ciara and Russell Wilson were all smiles as they welcomed their new pup into the family on Mother’s Day, the animal organization had a few words about their newest addition.

According TMZPETA does not approve of Wilson’s new Bronco pup, as the organization believes he was purchased from a breeder where “mother dogs are often locked in dirty cages and raised over and over again until their bodies give out.”

In a statement to TMZ, PETA criticized the couple for choosing not to rescue a dog from a shelter, saying the Wilsons did:

A two-step mistake in killing a shelter dog’s chances of finding a home. PETA is calling the couple to level up in kindness by adopting a companion for this pup instead of fueling the homeless animal crisis.”

Father Russ gave CiCi and the Bronco family a Mother’s Day gift and a new addition to their family when they moved to Denver! As we previously reported, Russell Wilson was traded from the Seattle Seahawks to the Denver Broncos in early March.

In addition to the Wilsons’ love jones moment online, the quarterback recently made headlines after Channing Crowder referred to him as a “square” on ‘The Pivot’ podcast. Crowder compared Russell to Ciara’s ex Future saying:

Yeah, if Russell doesn’t have that bread, Ciara won’t be with him. Russ a square, Russ a square, Russ a square. Ciara has a good situation, but you don’t leave Future and hang out with Russell Wilson.”

While Russell did not respond to Crowder’s comments, his former teammate D. K. Metcalf came to his defense saying:

It’s just him, people call him square, like that’s fine. If it’s pathetic to be a square, so am I. It’s pathetic that you treat your wife well, and you all seem happy and really happy for each other, great. I want to be like that too.”

Do you think that’s a reach for PETA, Roomies? Tell us in the comments!

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