PayPal reports third-quarter revenue of $ 6.18 billion, an increase of 13% year-over-year, up from $ 6.23 billion est., Venmo’s payment volume increased 36% year-over-year to $ 60 billion, it says Venmo users can make purchases on Amazon next year (MacKenzie Sigalos / CNBC)


MacKenzie Follow Them / CNBC:

PayPal Reports Third Quarter Revenue of $ 6.18B, an increase of 13% YoY, vs. $ 6.23B est., Venmo Payment Volume Increased 36% YoY to $ 60B, Says Venmo Users Can Make Purchases on Amazon next year– – PayPal reported a 13% increase in revenue year-over-year for the third quarter. – The company issued a forecast for the fourth quarter …


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