Padres signing Robinson Cano is a positive move for San Diego


The San Diego Padres need a little help at the plate and it looks like they’re turning to Robinson Cano for more production.

It never hurts to have a player who can hit home runs consistently and regularly throughout the season. That’s probably what San Diego Padres expect with their recent signing of Robinson Cano.

While it’s unlikely Cano is still capable of that at this point in his career, it seems likely that landing the 39-year-old on a manageable contract could be beneficial for a team in need of another solid hitter.

Cano has a .195 batting average so far this season and the Mets cut him, but the Padres could use another bat.

That’s pretty significant news for Cano. As the Associated Press points out in its report, the New York Mets will pay Cano a pretty hefty amount of money since he is still owed.

According to the AP report, San Diego only needs to pay $561,538 for Cano’s services. Meanwhile, the Mets will pay the remainder of his salary for this season and a total of $24 million for next season.

That’s a lot of money for New York, but it’s a pretty good deal for the Padres.

San Diego Padres fans react after Padres sign Robinson Canó

Some San Diego fans actually seemed to be happy and a little optimistic about the news that the Padres were bringing Cano to town.

And, of course, it’s worth pointing out once again that the Padres aren’t exactly breaking the bank to make this deal a reality. So it could be a good deal.

Still, some people were less than thrilled about the news and not necessarily convinced it would work for the Padres.

We’ll see how it all unfolds. The fact that San Diego isn’t spending a lot of money for Cano to come to town makes this bet have a pretty low risk associated with it. There’s not much that can really go wrong given how much the Padres pay.


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