No Way Home trailer 2 could have leaked


It was only a few days ago that we told you the second Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer did not drip. Instead, alternate footage from the movie hit the web that Sony and Marvel might have wanted to use for the first trailer. That included a scene explaining spider-man black suit in the movie. We also learned why There is no way home Trailer 2 has been delayed. Rumors say that Marvel and Sony disagree by showing Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield on the clip. That’s the big thing There is no way home spoiler that everyone knows. And rumors say that the second trailer could “break internet“Thanks to the inclusion of Maguire and Garfield.

Rumors also say that the next trailer could drop in mid-November. And now, the second trailer could have been leaked … but with a big twist. Before proceeding, we will warn you that various spoilers follow below.

Spider-Man: No Way Home the interest is massive

There is no way home it’s going to be the biggest movie premiere of the year. It is likely to break all box office records for the pandemic, given the massive interest in the film. Maguire and Garfield play a huge role in that, as fans are dying to see the two actors join Tom Holland’s Peter Parker in a live-action Spider-verse movie.

Some people may not believe that the first Spiderman the actors are in the movie. But we have seen a large number of leaks that confirmed their participation. The best filtration came via a Garfield video in a Spider-Man suit. Separately, images that Sony confirmed to be authentic through copyright claims showed both Tobey and Andrew in the Spidey outfit.

All of these leaks have fueled speculation online, increasing the hype surrounding There is no way home. We haven’t seen so much online chatter about a Marvel movie since Avengers Endgame two years ago.

But There is no way home The trailer 2 leak that you will see below gives us the best proof of how exciting this is. Spiderman the movie is for fanning. It’s not the actual footage from the second trailer that made its way online, which was what happened with the first trailer. It is a description of what happens in the clip. That’s something we rarely see when it comes to trailers.

the There is no way home trailer 2 leak

Before we begin, let me remind you that Marvel trailers often mislead audiences. That’s what Kevin Feige & Friends do with these clips. And it’s no wonder rumors say Marvel doesn’t want Maguire and Garfield to appear in the There is no way home trailer 2. Also, you should remember that leaks like the one below usually come from unverified sources, so you should take everything with a grain of salt.

In this case, the There is no way home trailer 2 leak drop on 4chan, a murky source of MCU rumors. That being said, there have been a lot of genuine leaks on the site in the past. The leaker claims that the second trailer is “practically finished”, but the studio is still polishing it. The video should arrive around November 15-17, the person said, before listing the scenes in the clip.

Description of trailer 2

Here are the assumptions There is no way home scenes from trailer 2, as posted by the leaker. This is supposedly not the actual order of the scenes in the trailer:

Photo of Peter in a courtroom, but mostly we see his face. I can’t see Matt Murdock

All 5 villains are shown (Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Electro, Sandman and the lizard)

We see a little more of the fight with Doc Ock on the bridge.

Some scenes from the first alternate trailer are shown, including a shot with Peter covered in green paint.

Peter fights electro

The creature that attacks Peter in the first trailer that many people thought was Venom is revealed to be the Lizard. In fact, we see Peter staring at him right after being attacked.

Strange is shown a bit more, including a scene of Ned interacting with him.

Andrew and Tobey are teased but not shown

There is a photo of Peter bloodied in his Far From Home suit that is probably the same battle as the Empire magazine photo.

Photo of Peter in FEAST (we see the logo in the background) talking to someone with a worried look. Doesn’t show who he’s talking to

The trailer that will break the Internet

Will be the There is no way home trailer 2 break the internet? It certainly could. If the events above are accurate, we’ll see all of the movie’s villains in the trailer. That’s a massive clue that heroes of the past Spiderman I also want to appear in There is no way home.

But if the description in the There is no way home The trailer 2 leak above is accurate, Maguire and Garfield will not appear at all.

The interesting thing is that the scene with the painting could appear in the trailer. That’s the scene that explains spider-man black suit. Also, the interaction between Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Ned (Jacob Batalon) could be a key event in the movie. Ned could play a pivotal role at There is no way home scene that we are all looking forward to seeing.


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