No Way Home poster has everyone talking


Eternal it’s playing in theaters, but there’s no news Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer to accompany you. Reports in recent days said that Marvel and Sony have not agreed in the second trailer. As a result, the trailer will be released in the next few days, perhaps in time for the premiere of Ghostbusters: Another Life. While all that was going on the supposed scenes of the There is no way home trailer 2 emerged online, indicating that the new clip will have some great reveals. But we don’t have to wait two more weeks for a big one. There is no way home reveal, as Sony has finally released an amazing new Spider-Man: No Way Home poster.

First There is no way home poster

This marks the first mate There is no way home poster that Sony has launched online. Technically, they are a couple of posters, as some Spider-Man fans have begun to see. a variation of him in nature. But Sony only released the next version of the poster online, as seen on Twitter.

That is why we call it the first official poster, as it is the one that is circulating around the world. And it’s the reason why There is no way home it was trending on Twitter on Monday morning.

While some Spider-Man fans might have wished for Sony to show three Spider-Man variants on the poster, that hasn’t happened. The movie’s biggest spoiler has been out for months, but Sony and Marvel have yet to confirm it. Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield He will star in the film alongside Tom Holland. But Sony is unlikely to show the characters on a poster before appearing in a trailer.

With that said, the first poster features a huge reveal, and Sony is already teasing fans about it:

The big reveal

In the post, we see what appears to be Tom Holland’s Peter Parker in that upgraded Spider-Man suit that Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) designed. He faces the tentacles of Doc Ock (Alfred Molina), who are closing in on him. But we have to get closer to see all the details.

Ignore Spider-Man and the obvious villain, and you’ll see the others. The poster shows Sand Man and Electro’s participation in the fight. The teasers are in line with the first trailer, which only showed Doc Ock as he teased four other villains: Green Goblin, Electro, Sandman and The Lizard.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Poster
The Spider-Man: No Way Home poster features the Green Goblin for the first time. Image source: Sony

Green Goblin was the second most obvious character in the trailer after Doc Ock. That’s because we saw one of his iconic pumpkin grenades rolling towards the camera. But the poster is even better. It gives us a real look at the iconic villain Sam Raimi. Spiderman trilogy.

The Green Goblin is on the poster, as seen in the upper right corner of the image above. Of course, the poster doesn’t reveal which actor plays the iconic villain. But There is no way home Spoiler fans know it’s Willem Dafoe, reprising his role as Norman Osborn in the Raimi movies.

The other Spider-Men

It might not sound like much, but having the Green Goblin in There is no way home The poster is another big reveal for the film. It also has everyone talking on social media. After Doc Ock, he is the second villain to cross the multiverse to land in the MCU. And if the villains were to arrive, it makes sense to see their corresponding Spider-Men in the MCU.

If Doc Ock and Green Goblin are in the MCU, then so is Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker. And if Maguire is in There is no way home, then Garfield must also be in it. After all, we saw an actual video leak of Garfield in a Spider-Man suit.


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