NFL DFS Week 9 Picks: Top Sleepy Players, Value Players for DraftKings, Daily FanDuel Fantasy Football Lineups


It’s Week 9 and it’s time to talk about the NFL DFS value plays. Pro quarterbacks Mike White, Cooper Rush and Davis Mills accounted for three of the top five passing performances last week. That really happened. Those guys were priced at $ 5,000, $ 4,000, and $ 4,800, respectively, on DraftKings. You can’t get much better ROI than that, something we appreciate as we continue our quest to find low-cost, high-value daily fantasy football players week after week on DraftKings and FanDuel.

If you play DFS regularly or just like to find an edge or angle with all your football related bets, this column will be by your side throughout the season. Every week we compile a list of dark horse sleepers and / or picks to help you earn some cash on the two most popular daily fantasy sites. The more value players you add, the more money you have left over for weekly tests verified elsewhere on the list.

WEEK 9 DFS: Better stacks | Lineup Creator

If you read this column before Week 8, you would have benefited from our advice to bring a host of low-cost, high-value players into your DFS rosters. Here’s a list of some of our hits from the past week, including the cost of each player’s DraftKings and the bottom line of the PPR:

  • Geno Smith, Seahawks vs. Jaguars (DK: $ 5,300 | FD: $ 7,000): 26.6 Fantasy points
  • Carson Wentz, Colts vs. Titans (DK: $ 5,700 | FD: $ 7,200): 24.34
  • Damien Harris, Patriots at Chargers (DK: $ 6,100 | FD: $ 6,900): 14.0
  • Michael Pittman Jr., Colts vs. Titans (DK: $ 5,300 | FD: $ 6,600): 30.6

That’s a much more modest roster than we’ve had in the last two weeks, but it’s still 95.54 points with just over $ 22k total in DraftKings. If you hooked up two or three of these low-cost, high-production players, you’ve probably allowed yourself two more elite players elsewhere on the roster. Getting the most for your money has always been the name of the game at DFS, so it’s important to do your due diligence before building lineups.

Leave the deep dive in our hands – we’re here for you, from the first kickoff to the last play of the 2021 NFL season. Let’s jump straight to week 9!

All player values ​​are from DraftKings and FanDuel. All stats are from and Pro Football Reference.

WEEK 9 DFS LINEUP: FanDuel | DraftKings | Yahoo!

NFL DFS Picks Week 9: QB sleepers, values ​​for DraftKings, FanDuel

Tua Tagovailoa, Dolphins vs. Texans (DK: $ 5,800 | FD: $ 7,300)

Tagovailoa looked pretty good since returning from injury, scoring 25.36 fantasy points against Jacksonville in Week 6 and 28.54 against Atlanta in Week 7, but he encountered the buzzsaw known as Leslie Frazier’s Bills defense last week. pass. Expect a bounce against humble South Beach Texans. Houston ranks 19th in the NFL in passing yards allowed and 23rd in passing touchdowns surrendered, and Matthew Stafford and the Rams just racked up 302 passing yards in Lone Star status last week. It is time for Tua, once again.

Daniel Jones, Giants vs. Raiders (DK: $ 5,600 | FD: $ 7,300)

Give Jones some credit: Dukie’s quarterback doesn’t always look pretty, but he’s pretty athletic and always competes hard. Jones nearly led the Giants to surprise the reigning AFC champion Chiefs on Monday night. His 20-point performance in Fantasy marks the fifth time he has surpassed 19.52 points this season, and he has surpassed 30 points twice. A home game against a mediocre Raiders defense should yield another strong outing, so don’t worry too much about volatility. The Raiders have given 640 total yards to quarterbacks in the past two weeks, including 70 on the ground, and Jones can break yards on rioters in an instant. Keep racing, Danny boy.

Teddy Bridgewater, Broncos at Cowboys (DK: 5,300 | FD: $ 7,100)

We love Teddy B, a frequent visitor to this column this season. He may not have the high floor of the other two quarterbacks we listed, but he certainly has a high ceiling in what should be a close matchup against Dallas. The Cowboys are ranked 30th in fantasy points allowed to quarterbacks, and Bridgewater plays smart and efficient football. You could do a lot worse than Teddy B, who will benefit from the second full week of Jerry Jeudy’s return from second year from injury.

Attack player | Running back | The wide receiver | Hard ending | D / ST | Kicker

NFL DFS Picks Week 9: RB sleepers, values ​​for DraftKings, FanDuel

Nick Chubb, Browns at Bengals (DK: $ 6,700 | FD: $ 7,600)

Cheer up, Dawg Pound, you’ve got your beloved Chubb back! Of course, the two-time Pro Bowler scored just 7.9 points against a stingy Pittsburgh defense, but he should see more lanes to run against Cincinnati this Sunday. If you eliminate Chubb’s tough games against the Steelers and Bears this season, he has an average PPR production of 20.35 points. The Bengals are ranked 27th in fantasy points allowed to running backs, so Chubb should meet or exceed that 20-point level.

Eli Mitchell, 49ers vs. Cardinals (DK: $ 5,800 | FD: $ 7,100)

You’ll have to keep an eye out for injury reports, as Mitchell’s ribs were knocked out Sunday, but he’ll be a great value for the third week in a row if he adapts to Arizona. The 23-year-old rookie has accumulated 244 yards and two touchdowns on 36 carries in the past two weeks, and is quietly averaging 5.3 yards total on the season. If all systems work, how can you move on to this guy? He has 42.4 collective PPR points against the Bears and Colts in the last two weeks, and costs just $ 5,800 against a Cardinals D who let Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon cut them 31-137-1 last Thursday. Sign me up.

Boston Scott, Eagles vs. Chargers (DK: $ 5,200 | FD: $ 6,300)

I’m a Boston Scott believer so I bought a lot of stock from him in fantasy leagues last week after Eagles starting running back Miles Sanders (ankle) hit the IR. Scott did not disappoint, converting 12 carries on 60 yards and two touchdowns at Detroit. The Chargers aren’t as bad as the Lions, but they’re certainly not a good running defense. LA just let Damien Harris (who was listed as a value here, by the way) run for 80 yards and a TD last week. Scott is the best healthy running back in Philadelphia right now, so hopefully he won’t get too many carries on the goal line from veteran Jordan Howard.

Attack player | Running back | The wide receiver | Hard ending | D / ST | Kicker

NFL DFS Picks Week 9: WR sleepers, values ​​for DraftKings, FanDuel

Brandin Cooks, Texans at Dolphins (DK: $ 6,100 | FD: $ 6,800)

No one looks for the Texans at DFS, but Cooks produces pretty much wherever he plays, so put him in your lineup for $ 6,100. After catching his eight goals for 83 yards and a touchdown against the big and bad Rams last weekend, the veteran sprinter now has four 20-plus-point PPR games on the season. Miami has served as the third most generous defense for fantasy wide receivers in 2021. The potential return of Tyrod Taylor (hamstring) adds to Cooks’ appeal.

Courtland Sutton, Broncos at Cowboys (DK: $ 5,900 | FD: $ 6,700)

Sutton may seem like a boom or bust catcher to the average DFS player. In four games of trying this season, he had a total of 11 receptions for 138 yards and no touchdowns. During his four good games, he had 29 collective receptions for 441 yards. Well, that seems like a good case for a boom or bust argument. Here’s the counterargument: Three of the games against Sutton were easy wins for Denver, and one was a big loss. It’s the entire script for the game! Against a very good Dallas team, the lanky 26-year-old catcher should have a busy day. He has 20 goals in Denver’s last three competitive games. With that kind of target participation, I’d gladly pay $ 5,900 for a guy with his size, speed, talent, and ability to create plays. Trevon Diggs looks like Prime Time 2.0 in Dallas, but the Cowboys still rank 25th against wide receivers in fantasy. Break up your opponents with a bit of Sutton Sutton.

Amari Cooper, Cowboys vs. Broncos (DK: $ 5,700 | FD: $ 6,900)

Two wide receivers in the same game? Why not? Cooper just exploded for 29.2 PPR points with Cooper damn Rush at QB, catching eight of 13 goals for 122 yards and a TD. Yet somehow the cost of Cooper’s DraftKings went from $ 6,000 last week to $ 5,700 right now. Either Dak Prescott (calf) comes back and capitalizes on Cooper’s hot streak, or Cooper’s connection to Cooper continues if Dak sits down in another game. Either way, don’t expect a killjoy from Cooper – his ceiling is still very high, especially in what should be a competitive game projected by punters for 50 points total.

FANTASY OF WEEK 9: Sleepers | Busts | Get started, feel them

NFL DFS Week 9 Picks: TE Sleepers, DraftKings Values, FanDuel

Mike Gesicki, Dolphins vs. Texans (DK: $ 4,900 | FD: $ 6,500)

Gesicki has been a legitimate TE1 this season, averaging 13.1 PPR points per game, but somehow he’s still priced at $ 5,000 or less per week. He now has a Texans team giving up the fourth-most fantasy points to tight end this season. Turn on that sticky, icky Gesicki.

Dallas Goedert, Eagles vs Chargers (DK: $ 4,500 | FD: $ 6,200)

Goedert must be in love with life since Zach Ertz’s departure through trade. In the two games since the Ertz was sent to Arizona, Goedert caught nine of 12 goals for 142 yards. He received exactly half the goals of second-year QB Jalen Hurts last week, catching six of seven goals for 72 yards despite the Eagles destroying the Lions 44-6. This game should be a lot more competitive, so expect even healthier numbers from the fourth-year big man.

NFL DFS Week 9 Picks: D / ST Sleepers, DraftKings Values, FanDuel

Miami Dolphins vs. Houston Texans (DK: $ 3,100 | FD: $ 4,300)

Don’t get me wrong, offenses have been frying fish all season, but the Texans offense has a way of making even the most unsatisfying defenses appear elite. Miami seems a bit rejuvenated since the return of Tua Tagovailoa, so let’s buy low and play the risk-reward game. Only two squads have yielded more fantasy points to D / ST than Houston this year.


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