Next Generation Mini Hardtop Shown In First Official Photos


Undermining the work of spy photographers Around the world, Mini gave us our first official look at the next generation Hard roof by posting a series of photos showing the hatchback in full camouflage. While the finer design details remain hidden, the shots are revealing enough to provide a very decent idea of ​​what to expect – and what not to expect – from the fourth generation of this British icon.

What is immediately clear is that the next hardtop looks like a mini; or at least like the German reinvention of the Mini. Designers haven’t changed the hatchback’s proportions significantly, continuing to define styling cues such as round headlights, a nearly flat roof panel, and vertical taillights. An interesting detail is that the headlights are no longer integrated into the hood; the Mini apparently loses its clamshell top in favor of a more conventional unit that stops at roughly the same level as the A-pillars. Mini also mounted the door handles flush with the body. We assume more details will come out when the camo is removed, but we mostly expect evolutionary changes.

“What you will see in 2023 is that we have clearly modernized it by taking a big step, the biggest step in the last 20 years, but it will be unmistakably a Mini.” said Mini boss Bernd Körber in December 2020. He added that the motto of the project was “don’t mess with an icon.”

Mini hopes to become an all-electric brand in the early 2030s, but we haven’t quite done it yet. While the camouflage-covered hardtop continues batteries, gasoline models will continue to be part of the range in many markets around the world. It’s too early to provide technical details, but it’s reasonable to assume that both the EV and gas-guzzling models will benefit from the transmission improvements. Front-wheel drive will remain standard, as always. Will the gear stick survive? We keep our fingers crossed.

More information on the next-generation Mini Hardtop will be released in the coming months, and the model is scheduled to make its debut in 2023. It is one of several new models that the BMW-owned brand has in the works. The compatriot of the next generation Also scheduled to go into production in 2023, a high-performance electric model under the John Cooper Works brand is in preparation. on their way, and Mini promised to publish a Cross He described as “small” (which is very relative, even for minis) that it will be offered exclusively with an electric powertrain.

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