Netflix just added 3 movies from the creator of Squid Game


The biggest surprise of the year in Netflix – or any other streaming service – has been Squid. Netflix Says South Korean Thriller Is Now the most watched original series in its history. There had previously been international crossover hits on Netflix, but none that reached as many viewers as Squid. In celebration of the success of the program, Netflix announced Wednesday which has added three movies from Squid Game creator Hwang Dong-hyuk to the streaming service.


The first Hwang Dong-hyuk movie Netflix added to its US library this week is called Silenced. Launched in 2011, Silenced follows an art teacher named Kang In-ho (Gong Yoo) who works at a school for hearing-impaired children. Eventually, he learns that the children have been horribly abused by the school faculty. Then he tries to expose his crimes. Silenced It is based on real events and prompted South Korean lawmakers to introduce bills to protect vulnerable groups.

Miss grandma

And second is Hwang Dong-hyuk’s 2014 romantic comedy. Miss grandma. Hwang’s first two feature films focused on dark and harrowing stories, but the third was much lighter. Miss grandma It is about an elderly widow who walks into a mysterious photo studio, has her photo taken, and emerges looking like a 20-year-old girl once again. It was a great success and was eventually remade in several countries.


Finally, Netflix is ​​also adding Hwang’s latest movie: Strength. The historical drama takes place during the Second Manchu invasion of Korea in 1636. Choi Myung-kil (Lee Byung-hun) and Kim Sang-hun (Kim Yoon-seok) are leaders of two ideological groups, one of whom loves the King. Injo (Park Hae-il) to stand up and fight the Qing dynasty of China, and the other wants the two sides to make peace. It was yet another success for Hwang.

If you are a fan of Squid and I want to see some of Hwang Dong-hyuk’s other works, now is the time. He has directed only four major movies to date, and now three of them are streaming on Netflix. Hopefully, viewers will connect with Hwang’s work in the same way that they did with Bong Joon-ho’s afterward. Parasite caused a sensation in 2019. Also, we’re not sure what Hwang will release next. The scriptwriter-director has assured that he will return to the cinema before I consider doing another season of Squid. He has also made it clear that he does not plan to write and direct every episode, as he did with season 1.


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