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For the moment CapitalG signed on for Webflow Series B, the codeless web design service was already profitable, a rarity for an early stage company. It was a good position for both the company and investors. For CapitalG, it was clear that the startup was already on the right track, and for Webflow, it meant a bit of leverage and, perhaps most importantly, an opportunity to be more selective about who it brought in as investors.

Of course, this is not an option for all companies. For a variety of reasons, it is not always possible to take such a deliberate approach to launching a business, and profitability can seem like a real pipe dream in those early days. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from doing these TechCrunch live chats week after week, it’s that there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

With that said, there are some universal takeaways when it comes to finding the right investment company. To hear CapitalG’s Laela Sturdy and Webflow’s Vlad Magdalin say it, the investor / startup relationship has turned into a kind of genuine friendship. It is a quality that both parties point to as key to making this type of agreement. At the very least, neither of you benefits if the other is looking for a quick way out.

As good as the zoom is, for me, that in-person experience takes you to the next level of meeting someone. Laela Robusto

In person is still important

Look, I recognize the irony of talking about the importance of in-person meetings during a Zoom interview. And a significant amount of the bigger deals are likely taking place in a virtual forum these days, but it also seems likely that the in-person meeting is going nowhere in the long run, even if the handshake forms. part of the deal. is about to leave.

“We started exchanging some emails and we had a couple of Zooms,” Sturdy said. “We were still at the heart of the pandemic. I did most of my business on Zoom and was just beginning to see some friends and family outside, 6 feet away. In our first conversations about Zoom, I enjoyed getting to know Vlad and the business. I floated the idea that maybe we could get together in real life, which, at the time, sounded very unusual. “


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