Manningcast’s curse is real: Bills, Josh Allen, latest casualties in massive loss to Jaguars


The Bills entered their Week 9 game against the Jaguars as favorites by 15.5 points. Buffalo was supposed to have no problem against a team that was viewed as one of the worst in the NFL.

The Jaguars had just one win on the season going into action on Sunday. It was one of the last-second varieties on the Dolphins in London. They were just coming off a 31-7 loss to the Seahawks and Geno Smith, so they weren’t expected to keep up with Josh Allen and the Bills at all.

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But somehow, the Jaguars got a 9-6 win at home. His victory marked the seventh-largest victory in the NFL since 1995 and the fourth-largest victory on the road since 1966.

So how did the Jaguars do it? Maybe it was because Jacksonville limited Buffalo to 301 yards of offense and forced three turnovers.

Or maybe it was because of the “Manningcast” curse.

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The Manningcast curse has become a trend since “Monday Night Football with Peyton and Eli” aired in Week 1. Each week the Manningcast has aired, Peyton and Eli Manning have had a current NFL player like invited. The week following each player’s appearance, they have lost. That includes Allen, who appeared on the Manningcast in Week 8.

Week Player Result of the week after Manningcast
1 Russell wilson 33-30 loss to Titans
1 Travis kelce 36-35 loss to Ravens
2 Rob gronkowski 34-24 loss to Rams
3 Matthew stafford 37-20 loss to the Cardinals
Seventh Tom brady 36-27 loss to the Saints
Eighth Josh allen 9-6 loss to the Jaguars

Many assumed that Allen would be the one to break the curse, as his competition was considered weak. However, it couldn’t get the job done. He threw for 264 yards, ran for 50 and had three turnovers without registering a touchdown.

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Perhaps this is all one big and strange coincidence, but the results have not changed as the sample size has increased. So it’s at least something superstitious fans need to monitor.

We will have to wait until the next Manningcast to see which team may be the next victim of the curse. There won’t be an episode of “Monday Night Football with Peyton and Eli” in Week 9, so the NFL will be safe from the curse for at least a week.


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