Look, Machine Gun Kelly has brought you flowers.


Machine Gun Kelly is a Dolce & Gabbana guy, so while I don’t get credit for this yet, it’s fair to assume this could be theirs. Which is a bummer, because it totally works on it. In fact, he’s pretty good at juxtaposing his messy rocker persona with well-tailored, unusual outfits; he has become quite an interesting sideboard in the last year. I wish her people could do some work on Megan’s hems so she didn’t have to use the plastic platforms, because the rest of her ALSO looks good. They’re like Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, if Pete went up to eleven and Kim went down… that’s fine, just like half a step, because Megan is pretty close. talking about the movie Good morning, is MGK’s directorial debut and stars Megan (in a cameo) and Pete Davidson in what Megan called “a stoner comedy.” Now I’m sad that Kim and Pete didn’t come; I’m here for double date shenanigans.

[Photo: John Salangsang/Shutterstock]


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