Israel’s EcoMotion highlights partnership between GM and Red Hat


TEL AVIV, Israel — When General Motors opened its R&D center in Israel in 2008it was a lonely outpost in the automotive landscape.

Today, more than 30 major automakers and suppliers have permanent offices and major technology centers in the country, and they are just a part of the automotive technology landscape that includes hundreds of companies.

According to the organizers of EcoMotion, an annual mobility event that marked its 10th anniversary last week, there are 670 active transportation companies in Israel, 27 of which have raised an estimated $5.5 billion in initial public offerings over the past decade.

EcoMotion, a joint venture of the Israel Institute of Innovation and government agencies, returned to its roots in person last week after a COVID-19-related hiatus. More than 100 companies exhibited their technologies before some 3,000 people from 40 countries.

Topics ranged from electric vehicles to cybersecurity, in-cab sensing and software. As it has been from the beginning, General Motors was at the forefront.


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