Huge new Spider-Man 4 leak has Marvel fans freaking out


I know what you must be thinking Spider-Man: No Way Home It hasn’t even been released yet, and we’re already talking about Spider man 4. How can that even be? We are probably years away from the next Spiderman film. Also, Sony and Marvel have yet to announce any Spider man 4 plans though Kevin Feige recently said that Spider-Man will stay in the MCU.

But it turns out that the first Spider man 4 the leaks are here, and they’re pretty exciting. In fact, the latest leak has some Marvel fans freaking out. Before continuing, you should know that enormous There is no way home spoilers follow below. I’m not talking about the Maguire-Garfield spoiler that everyone already knows. It’s a plot detail that will influence Peter’s journey in the next trilogy.

the There is no way home ending

We explained a few days ago that the There is no way home ending could have leaked, which is obviously a great Spider man 3 frame detail. Redditors have rummaged through several There is no way home summer leaks that had no real impact at the time. But since then, other rumors seem to have confirmed those first leaks. That is why they resurfaced.

No one can really confirm any of these leaks, of course. But we will recap them quickly because they are relevant to the new Spider man 4 rumors. There is no way home will supposedly deliver a heartbreaking ending, with Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) having been identified as the legacy Spiderman character who loves those in the movie.

This is certainly the kind of disastrous turn of events that will affect Peter Parker of the Netherlands. The leaks also claimed that Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) will successfully achieve his spell at the end of There is no way home. Everyone will forget who Peter really is, including those closest to him. That’s another incredibly sad plot detail. If true, Peter will be alone. The Avengers, MJ (Zendaya) and Ned (Jacob Batalon) will forget who he is. Add Aunt May’s death to that, and Holland will undergo a massive transformation as a character.

Finally, the There is no way home Final leaks also indicated that Tom Hardy’s Venom will appear in the post-credits scenes.

Spider man 4 will start a new trilogy

With all that in mind, we will move on to a couple of new reports. They both offer the same big picture for Spidey’s future from Holland in the MCU. According to Geekiness, Sony and Marvel are already working on a new trilogy. It would be amazing news, which is why Marvel fans are already freaking out about it.

It is also noteworthy that the blog made another interesting claim. He wrote that the sources for the two studies said Spider man 4 is the MCU movie where Peter will wear Spider-Man’s black suit containing the symbiote.

We saw some of that happen in Sam Raimi Spider man 3, where Tobey Maguire wore the symbiote suit before fighting Topher Grace’s Venom. It’s only a matter of time until the MCU’s Spider-Man has to deal with his own Venom. AND Let there be slaughter brought Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock to the MCU, so the two are destined to intersect.

Geekiness says Marvel Studios wanted to debut the Spider-Man symbiote suit in Secret warsbut that would take too long. It could be a decade from now and Tom Hardy might not even be playing Venom.

There is no way home will deliver a black and gold suit, but it has nothing to do with Venom. Instead, there is a hilarious explanation for that superhero outfit choice.

The symbiote suit might be appropriate for Peter’s early college years. They will apparently take a darker turn, given what Peter has been through. As always with these early rumors, there is no way to verify any of this. But there is even more to this leak.

Spider-Man: No Way Home
Spider-Man: No Way Home picture of Empire magazine. Image source: Empire

the There is no way home Poison connection

Poison 2 It has already established that Sony’s Venom is in the MCU for now. The sequel ends around the same time as Far from home, so the seed is planted for a Venom cameo in There is no way home. However, we don’t expect Hardy to have a major role in the movie. And it’s the post-credits scenes where a Venom cameo would work well.

On previous MCU coverage, we mentioned a Marvel leaker named MyTimeToShine on Reddit. They’ve delivered a lot of MCU firsts, and they’re back with some comments that are in line with Geekosity’s reports.

“Halloween scoop for all of you,” the person said a few days ago. “Remember it well. I will return to him when There is no way home in launch. Tom Holland’s Peter will get the black symbiote suit in the MCU after No Way Home. “Not mentioned Spider man 4. But that’s the most likely place to see Peter’s Spidey suit undergo such a big change.

Pressed for more details, the leaker continued. “To be clear, he won’t get it in the post-credit scene, but they’ll give you a hint that this is the direction they’re going.” They then mysteriously suggested that a clue might fall in the post-credits scene.


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