How can data integration add value to your business?


Organizations may sometimes be unaware of the importance of data integration in your business. If you have a data integration strategy, you can take into account all the trends in your data so that it can be well adapted to your business from various sources. In this rapidly evolving technological world, companies can face enormous data challenges.

Data integration adding value to your business

Data integration

Therefore, to evaluate, leverage, and understand your data, you will definitely need a data integration strategy.

Big Data Analysis:

Big data can help you increase the volumes of structured and unstructured data that can be accumulated from various sources. To implement big data analysis Successfully, you will definitely need a data integration process.

You can plan your data processing from one storage location to another with the help of this particular process. Your data needs to be cleaned, prepared, and put in the right place at the right time. Big data analysis in the healthcare sector can have a huge impact on this industry as you can easily identify any data issues in real time, as patient data is one of the most critical data collected and stored.

Various data can be collected from various sources and can be inserted into Big Data Systems to perform analytical processes in the right way.

Automation process:

In the world of marketing, data integration can play an important role through an automated process. Demand generation processes, such as social media profiles, sales processes, and online searches, can help integrate online and offline data. Customer centers can be created where customer data can be accumulated as holistic information and business decisions. Through automationCustomer relationships can also be managed effectively. Therefore, marketers can easily get a better understanding of customers, more generations of conversion, increased customer retention, and an overall boost in leads.

Cloud integration:

As more and more data is released, as well as private clouds, data management should be done with extra caution. To maintain consistency in the processing of your data, data integration is required through which data can be moved between clouds and databases. If you cannot follow the data integration steps correctly, you may face risks of duplication and inconsistencies within your organization.

Business Intelligence:

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

For delivering the right thing Business Intelligence Within your organization, data integration is required. According to a study, 19% of the total amount of resources can be allocated to Business Intelligence projects through data integration. Real-time business intelligence depends on a high-quality and reliable data integration process.

Customer data integration:

You can differentiate your customers by customer data integration the correct way. For example, while taking out a loan, a customer provides contact details such as email id and phone number, and soon stops using that email after taking out the loan. The data integration team must ensure that all customer contact details are verified correctly. Sometimes the data needs to be updated very frequently and the data deduplication method can be used in such cases. Hence, data mapping can be done by matching soft data to hard data. For example, customers’ address and date of birth can be easily assigned through their photo identification vouchers such as passport or PAN card.

Cross-selling products:

You can also perform cross selling products through data integration. The company can easily create a product and test it on a small customer base. If it continues to be successful, the product can easily be launched on the real market. Customer data integration can help identify customers who regularly interact with your business.

If you can prioritize the data integration process in your organization, you will definitely overcome many obstacles and bottlenecks. If you have a successful data integration strategy, you will always be ahead of other companies in your niche. You will surely be able to close more deals and increase your sales with a better integration strategy in your organization.

Author Bio: Jerome Hudson is a well known data management professional. In this article, he provides some tips for you data integration it can be prioritized to add value to your business.


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