For Them takes pre-seed capital to launch wellness products targeting the queer community – TechCrunch


For them announced $ 2 million in pre-seed funding by launching its first two products for the queer community: a breathable binder and a multipurpose intimacy serum.

Chloe Freeman, an actress, producer, and entrepreneur, founded the company last year after completing an entrepreneur-in-residence program before the hype. They previously founded a production company, Boycott Entertainment, which has raised more than $ 1 million to date for underrepresented creators.

Freeman, a non-binary, queer person of color, told TechCrunch that they didn’t see any wellness products that spoke to them or their peers, but rather to most cisgender people.

“As someone who didn’t fit into that cube, I went looking for my one-of-a-kind wellness product,” they said. “I wanted to dig deeper and see how to change the narrative.”

That was particularly true with For Them’s first product, a chest binder to help reduce gender dysphoria. Freeman asked his colleagues about their experiences and then went out and bought all the folders they could find and was “shocked” at how uncomfortable the folders, itchy fabric and synthetic materials were, and aimed to make a better one, they said.

The investment was led by Resolute Ventures and includes Yes VC, Animo Ventures, Gaingels Spark Fund and a group of more than 10 individual investors, including Toyin Ajayi, co-founder and president of Cityblock Health; Lindsay Ullman, co-founder of Umbrella; Ashley Mayer, a former Glossier executive; and Jackie Rice, co-founder of Tribe AI.

The new funding will be used to create additional products, to continue building your community and for talent acquisition. Freeman intends to create an equally diverse team as the community they intend to serve.

“This is a great opportunity to work with an underserved community that needs products that speak to them,” added Freeman.

In addition to the binder and fluid intimacy serum, which has CBD oil, they intend to build two or three additional products. The company’s product portfolio will be community-driven. Freeman’s strategy is to gather ideas from the For Them community and produce what they need. The community is currently on Discord, which Freeman says provides anonymity, especially when discussing personal issues.

Chloe Freeman, for them

Chloe Freeman, Founder and CEO of For Them. Image credits: For them

For Them has 800 people on the waiting list for the portfolio, which Freeman said was deliberate so the company could serve them properly over the next month. Once the company goes through that list, more customers will be able to buy products.

Melanie Travis, founder of swimwear company Andie Swim, is one of For Them’s advisors and board members and said now is a “good time to start something” and she hopes to see what works and what she can create. the company.

At this stage, Travis said the investment is primarily about the founder and finds that Freeman is “an extraordinary and intelligent person with a passion for purpose and category.”

“Sometimes founders run into a brick wall, and you’re looking at the founder’s ability to get through that brick wall, and I saw all of that in Chloe,” he added.


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