Fifth Circuit Reinstatement of Texas Internet Censorship Law Could Break Social Media

The Governor of Texas, the Republican Christo-Fascist Greg Abbott. Brandon Bell/Getty

On Wednesday, without a word of explanation, the nation more radical Court of Appeals reinstated a Texas law that imposes radical censorship on social media companies. The statute, which Republicans passed in retaliation against the perceived liberal bias of “big tech,” forces these companies to spread hate speech, dangerous misinformation and foreign propaganda, among other objectionable speech. It allows aggrieved users to file an endless series of lawsuits to combat content moderation while creating a series of onerous regulations that are literally impossible to enforce. The Texas statute is, in short, a blatant affront to the First Amendment rights of corporations.

Texas Republicans passed their internet censorship bill, known as HB 20, in the fall of 2021. Its backers saying that the legislation was necessary to prevent “west coast oligarchs” silencing “Conservative views and ideas”. (Her theory of his that social media companies discriminate against conservative speech has not obvious […]


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