Doctor Strange 2 Could Introduce a Weird New Spider-Man Plot Hole


The multiverse is one of the main themes of the MCU’s Phase 4. That’s in addition to the Earth-based stories and space-centric adventures. We’ve been exploring the multiverse since before. avengers endgamebut the TV shows and movies of Phase 4 reveal the rules of the multiverse, setting the stage for future adventures. doctor strange 2 It’s a pivotal multiverse movie.exploring the multiverse in greater detail than Spider-Man: No Way Home ever did

But in the process doctor strange 2 discovers a big problem that reminds us of the terrible Spiderman Plot holes that Sony and Marvel have yet to fix. do you mind various spoilers will follow below.

we knew that multiverse of madness would be established immediately after no way homeand we already talked the various plot holes in the latest Spiderman movie. But the Spider-Man problem that doctor strange 2 brings to the fore is much older. We have to go back in time to the summer of 2019 when Far from home he left.

At the time we explain the annoying problems that ruin the movie. And, in turn, the MCU. To recap briefly, we’ll remind you how frustrating Quentin Beck’s (Jake Gyllenhaal) experience was and how little sense it made in the grand scheme of things.

Spider-Man: Far From Home poster with Tom Holland in front. Image Source: Sony Pictures

Spider-Man: Far From Home plot holes

Far from home reveals that Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) had developed an advanced defense system for Earth. But he didn’t use it against Thanos in final game. Stark made drones that could help fight Thanos’s armies. However, Iron Man never called them. And that he made the EDITH glasses for Peter Parker (Tom Holland) despite not knowing if he would ever come back from being dusted off.

Somehow, Quentin Beck had time to find out about all of that, join up with other disgruntled former Stark employees, and plot to hijack that technology.

All these Spiderman events directly impact the following stories, and that’s how we end up with the unexpected doctor strange 2 Connection.

We have to accept all that without any explanation that makes sense. Marvel and Sony could provide the context to tie up these loose ends.

After all, the Far from home Events are incredibly important to what happens in no way home. you don’t have a no way home history without the criminal actions of Quentin Beck in Far from home. And that’s not possible without Tony Stark somehow developing all of that technology.

Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams) in the Doctor Strange 2 TV commercial.
Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams) in the Doctor Strange 2 TV spot. Image source: Marvel

In turn, the events of the multiverse in no way home enrich Doctor Strange’s ability to understand and deal with the multiverse. And in all this multiverse action, Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) hears two words that will immediately make you think of Quentin Beck.

How does Quentin Beck connect with doctor strange 2?

mysterio is dead in Far from home, or so we are led to believe. Peter Parker faces murder charges earlier in no way home after a doctored video of the murder surfaces.

But that’s not the detail that will make you raise an eyebrow at doctor strange 2. They are the two words that Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams) utters, giving Strange a name for his home universe: Earth-616.

There is nothing wrong with that. Earth-616 is what Marvel calls the primary reality in the comics. It is now the main reality in the MCU as well. And it’s stupid, he comments something weird while he’s interacting with this Christine.

But that’s when you’ll remember hearing about Earth-616 in the MCU before. Quentin Beck He says Parker that the reality of the MCU is Earth-616. Beck states that he comes from Earth-833, which must be in the Illuminati’s block of Earth-838 in doctor strange 2.

The face you make when you hear Patrick Stewart’s voice in a Multiverse of Madness trailer. Image Source: Marvel Studios

The question is, why did Beck use that particular numerology? How does he know that the reality of the MCU is Earth-616? we saw the same Earth-616 designation on Loki for this universe, by the way.

There are ways to explain the coincidence of Earth-616

The simple answer is that it is a coincidence. Beck is an impostor who just came up with a name that someone else uses in the multiverse.

The more complex answer is that Beck knew about the multiverse, perhaps through Stark’s research. But when would Stark have been able to understand the complexity of the multiverse in such a way? And how would Beck have found out?

The brilliant answer could be that Beck in Far from home is actually from the multiverse, not from this reality. whatever the case, doctor strange 2 just gave marvel and sony something extra Spiderman explaining what to do.

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