Democrats drive court tantrum after Supreme Court opinion draft leaked


Democrats have become adept at shifting blame like a hot potato or fighting to change the landscape to force their preferred outcomes.

Thus, there are new calls from Democrats to pack the Supreme Court in light of Supreme Court Justice Alito’s leaked draft opinion on roe v. calf.

The Judiciary Act 2021

Legislation intended to achieve the court’s bundling goal, HR 2584it states:

“To amend Title 28, United States Code, to allow for twelve Associate Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States.”

Since the leak of the project, five Democratic representatives have expressed their support for the bill, including; Brendan Boyle (Pa), Nanette Diaz Barragan (Calif), David Cicilline (RI), Jimmy Gomez (Calif), and Mark DeSaulnier (Calif).

There are 56 sponsors, about a quarter of the Democratic caucus.

The Supreme Court is meant to be the last resort to resolve cases that cannot be resolved in a lower court. The Constitution does not state precisely how many judges there should be on the country’s Supreme Court. The number has fluctuated between five and ten over the years, but it has been nine since 1869.

The Supreme Court has, at least nominally, a six-to-three conservative majority that has angered Democrats for some time. This leaked document has acted as fuel to rekindle the case for court bundling.

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Democrats are using the leak to amplify their attack on the court

congressional representative DeSaulnier said:

“As the Supreme Court has become increasingly partisan and extremist, now more than ever we must expand the court to preserve democracy and the personal freedoms of millions of Americans, including the right to make their own health care decisions.” “.

The left likes to label anyone or anything that doesn’t fit their narrative as extremist in nature. All the while remaining silent about the protesters chanting “Abort the Court” outside the judges’ private residences.

Senator Elizabeth Warren pushed further, stating:

“Right-wing extremists have hijacked the United States Supreme Court. We must #ExpandTheCourt to rebalance it and uphold our basic rights, including the constitutional right to abortion.”

kidnapped? Supreme Court justices went through the same process as liberal-leaning justices.

What do you say, Mr. President?

When President Biden was a senator in 1987, he condemned the overcrowding of courts.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had attempted to pack the courts to promote the New Deal. It was this issue that then-Senator Biden rebuked, as almost everyone agrees that the court filing should not be made to manipulate political outcomes.

However, upon taking office, President Biden commissioned a “Supreme Court reform study.” But like most actions of this administration, it was an empty gesture made to appease the more vocal members of the liberal left. The studio sent him a “no position” decision on the issue.

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And what do you say, Mitch?

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell declared:

“The same political movement that used a leak to move up Judge Breyer’s recall process timeline is trying to use another leak to make the court less secure and impartial.”

It is interesting that we still do not know the identity of the leaker. It seems that this should be easy enough to sniff out in an institution as closed as the Supreme Court.

However, Senator McConnell is right. The call to pack the court, end filibuster and force a vote by codifying roe v. calf It is political theater.

House Speaker Pelosi and the President are keeping a safe enough distance not to pack the Court because they don’t want to. Senator Kyrsten Sinema will not budget on filibuster. other Senator Joe Manchin will not vote to codify roe v. calf.

This will allow progressives and far left speaking leaders to launch political attacks against traditional liberals and moderates. Democrats will try to use this to change the narrative for voters heading into the midterms. And it will exacerbate an already divisive climate in our country.

What did Ruth say?

While Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg would hesitate to vote to overturn roe v. calf, was critical of the decision. That doesn’t mean that she didn’t believe in a woman’s right to an abortion; she did not think it was a suitable case for trial.

Justice Ginsburg would have preferred a case she worked on as a lawyer; beaten v. secretary of defense. In this case, he argued that his client, an Air Force member who was told he must abort his child to remain in the service, had a right not to have an abortion and remain in the service.

As for filling the court, Ginsburg was also on the opposite side of today’s far left, telling NPR, “Nine seems like a good number. It has been that way for a long time. I think it was a bad idea when President Franklin Roosevelt tried to pack the court.”

As a conservative, it may seem surprising to some, but I always liked Justice Ginsburg. Unfortunately, I think she would have been disappointed in many Americans last week.

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