Could Deron Williams fight Frank Gore? Former NBA All-Star linked to undercard running back Jake Paul


A former NBA All-Star is set to box on the Jake Paul-Tommy Fury fight card, and he could face a former NFL Pro-Bowl running back. Yes, you read that sentence correctly.

According to a report by Shams Charania of The Athletic, three-time NBA All-Star Deron Williams will fight on the Paul-Fury undercard on December 1. 18, and his opponent could be former NFL running back Frank Gore, a five-time Pro Bowler and a third-ranked player of all time in total rushing yards.

Williams has long been linked to MMA as a co-owner of Fortis MMA, but this would be his first time entering the ring to box.

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Could Deron Williams fight Frank Gore?

A fight between the two star athletes seems to make sense. Gore has previously turned down offers from the NFL as he is training for a high-profile fight. according to Ian Rapaport of NFL Networks.

And fighting Williams on the Paul-Fury undercard could be a huge draw, especially considering the attempts of other notable athletes trying their luck in the ring. Paul previously fought former NBA player Nate Robinson, and former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson fought Brian Maxwell on the Floyd Mayweather undercard against Logan Paul.

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Williams, for his part, has already been finding success training in the ring. UFC fighter Ryan Spann, who trains at Fortis MMA, said he fought Williams, according to TMZ Sports.

“Deron yelled my … one day. I mean it. You can call him and ask him,” Spann told TMZ Sports.

However, most of Williams’ experience comes from his time as a wrestler. He won a couple of state wrestling championships at the ages of 8 and 12, and would have continued if the seasons had been different than basketball. according to The Athletic.

Athletic reported that even towards the end of Williams’ NBA career, he trained with Sayif Saud, the owner of Fortis MMA, and Saud said that if Williams had trained when he was 25, “he could fight at a high level.”

As for the punches? Well, Saud said he has a “great right hand. A great 1-2”, according to The Athletic report.

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While Williams has appeared primarily in the UFC arena, Gore has been training exclusively as a boxer. According to a WSVN report in early OctoberGore trains two hours a day, six days a week, and has used boxing as an offseason training since he was drafted.

Boxing coach Javiel Centeno said Gore is “the type of person who takes hits and keeps coming back.”

“It’s like he feeds on that,” Centeno said, according to WSVN. “Now we’re working to keep him from hitting him, because the guys are going to hit him, you know, over 200 pounds, so we want to make sure he’s not getting it.”

In the report, Gore said that he doesn’t want to face a YouTuber or a TikToker, but instrad wants to face an experienced boxer in the ring.

Could it be Williams? The two would match well in weight, but not so much in height. Williams, a former point guard, is listed at 6-3,200 pounds. Gore is listed at 5-9,212 pounds.


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