Coronation Street under fire for Sally and Tim Metcalfe’s health story


Coronation Street viewers have slammed the soap opera exit and Tim Metcalfe’s health story.

Taxi driver Tim suffers from impotence after recovering from his heart attack.

Tim has continued to lie to Sally about his health on Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

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But despite spending most of the past year hiding his health problems from his wife Sally, he’s doing the same thing again.

He lies to her about visiting the doctor and insists that nothing is wrong.

And viewers have had enough.

Coronation Street viewers complain about Sally and Tim’s story

On Twitter, one said: “#Corrie feels like she’s going around in circles with all her stories.

“Tim withholding medical information from Sally is very old. Stop all this boring repetition!”

A second said: “The sooner Tim and Sally [expletive] and we can end this story better and I never thought I’d pray to Thor for that.”

A third said: “Tim and Sally are going around in circles again.”

Next week, there’s another setback for Tim and Sally.

Viewers will see Tim win a romantic night at Debbie’s hotel for himself and Sally, and he decides to take a shocking risk.

Despite his heart problems, Tim decides to buy some dodgy pills online to help with his impotence.

Will Tim come clean to Sally? (Credit: ITV)

actor joe duttine He explained: “Apart from the obvious, Tim feels that going to the doctor and being prescribed viagra is too embarrassing and humiliating for him.

“Sally and Tim are very sexually active, so she feels some pressure from the relationship, but she feels like she can deal with this on her own.

“Tim hovers over the heart disease warning caption to make him aware of the dangers, but skips over them.”

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And when he arrives at the hotel and shoots them down, it has disastrous consequences.

Instead of sleeping with his wife, Tim collapses in agony convinced that he is having a heart attack.

But will it be enough for Tim to open up to Sally and finally visit his doctor?

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