Colson Smith on the heartbreaking reason he didn’t learn to swim


the star of the games Colson Smith has opened up about why she never learned to swim before joining the ITV reality show.

the Coronation Street The star, 23, wowed fans in the Olympic pool on the ITV reality show.

However, he has not always been so confident.

The star couldn’t swim before the Games (Credit: ITV)

Colson Smith on the games

Colson beat his personal best by more than 10 seconds in The games after the men’s 50m freestyle.

It looked right at home on the water, but a few years ago it was a different story.

The actor explained that he was bullied when he was younger because of his size.

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talking to SunHe said: “As a child I never wanted to be in a pool. For me he was associated with humiliation.

“At school, with your blouse on, being fat, you don’t want to go swimming. Swimming was a big no-no.”

However, once she got the call from ITV, the star said she started with a dog paddle and things “progressed from there”.

The actor threw 10 stones in two years (Credit: ITV)

epic weight loss

Colson dropped a whopping 10 stones in two years and recently shared the secrets behind his success.

The actor who plays craig tinsmith on Coronation Street, he said he made big changes to his lifestyle during the lockdown.

He started running and felt lighter physically and mentally as a result.

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The star said she wanted to incorporate her weight loss into a Corrie story.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible due to the effects the lockdown had on filming.

Ryan Thomas, Christine McGuinnes and Colson Smith on the running track
He loves to participate in The Games (Credit: ITV)

injury risk

Fans can’t wait to tune in and see Colson strut his stuff.

However, he recently opened up about getting injured after training for the hurdles.

speaking in the Sofa Cinema Club Podcasthe said: “You put your hands on the blocks and when you lift to ‘set’ my thumb slipped, because it was wet.

“I can’t tell you what’s going on because it’s coming out tonight, but I was thumbs down. I had to tie myself up for that, it was touch and go.”

We hope Colson gets well and can’t wait to tune in tonight and find out!

The Games are tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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