Clubhouse Launches Replay to Allow Users to Record Live Rooms and Share Later – TechCrunch


Clubhouse hosts and moderators will have a new tool in their kit today. The company is pushing a new live feature in its iOS and Android apps that will allow creators to record an audio room so that anyone who misses the live action can watch it later. The company first announced that the show was on its way at the end of September.

With the feature, called Replay, public rooms can optionally be recorded as they happen and then saved to a club or user profile. Replays will also be downloadable so anyone hosting a room can share it externally, beyond the Clubhouse “as a podcast, YouTube clip, Instagram story, TikTok video, or anywhere else.”

The Replay release will also support pinned links, a feature Clubhouse previously introduced to allow moderators to present a relevant link at the top of a room. Anyone listening to a recorded room will also be able to skip to the next speaker, listen to it at 1.5 or 2x speed, pause, and clip 30 seconds of the recording.

Clubhouse creators can see who is listening to a room replay after the live room ends, allowing them to connect with other users who did not hear the experience in real time. Replays will appear in existing Clubhouse discovery features, including search, starting next week. The company is also introducing a “total room count” feature to give hosts more useful analytics on how many cumulative people listened to a given room.

Image credits: Club house

The ability to play audio rooms greatly expands the appeal of the Clubhouse for people who don’t often watch live audio events, allowing anyone to use the app more as a podcast discovery engine if that’s what works for them. Creators are also likely to be happy to have the option that their best content has a chance to find a wider audience long after a live room ends.


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