Broncos’ Javonte Williams says Von Miller trade forced players to ‘step up’ in beating the Cowboys


The Broncos sent Von Miller to the Rams ahead of the NFL trade deadline in a move that surprised many. He even surprised some of the Denver players.

But the players didn’t let management’s decision to trade the eight-time Pro Bowler with the team at 4-4 derail their season. Instead, they used it as fuel for their 30-16 win over the Cowboys on Sunday.

Denver built a 30-0 road lead against Dallas in the Week 9 clash, the favorite (10 points). He only allowed the Cowboys to score when the game was out of reach.

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How did the Broncos do that? Where did the beating of one of the best teams in the NFC come from? Broncos running back Javonte Williams told reporters (according to Tom Pelissero of NFL Network) that “the team always had” the ability to beat a big opponent.

“We just had to believe in ourselves,” Williams said. “Losing Von, I feel like it really made us look deep inside ourselves and say that we really have to step up if we want to fill that void. I feel like we did a good job today.”

In fact, they did. The offense generated 407 yards while executing a balanced attack. Williams rushed for a career-high 117 yards and Teddy Bridgewater threw for 249 yards and a touchdown.

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Denver’s defense, including the passing run, performed well. Rookie Jonathon Cooper generated two sacks and Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott was hit five times in his first game back with a calf injury that kept him out of Dallas’ Week 8 contest.

Broncos coach Vic Fangio said this was a victory his team could build on.

“I’ve always said, ‘Doing something and accomplishing something gives you confidence and faith.’ Fangio told reporters After the match. “You don’t need to sit on a psychologist’s couch and get it. That’s just a bunch of bulls, okay? You have to do it on the field between the white lines. You have to do it with your actions, not your words, okay? And we did it today. “

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The Broncos (5-4) are now half a game behind the Raiders and Chargers for first place in the AFC West. And although the players and coaches are satisfied with the team’s victory, they promise not to get carried away by it.

“We can’t let it take too long. We played well again,” Williams said. “We have to get back to work.”


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