Ben Affleck Reportedly Unhappy With Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Too Extreme’ Behavior


Are ben affleck other Jennifer Lopez struggle? One report says his house-hunting escapades have left Affleck exhausted by Lopez. gossip cop investigate

“Ben is Bored of House Hunting”

According Lifestyle, Affleck can’t take another minute of house hunting. The two are reportedly looking for a new home, and the girl gone The star is apparently fed up with it. A source says Affleck is “finding J. Lo’s perfectionism too extreme.” Despite looking at numerous $50 million mansions, one source says Lopez “hasn’t fallen in love with any of them.”

A source says Affleck “rolls his eyes and says ‘not another'” during the search. He allegedly just wants Lopez to hurry up and make a decision, with the source concluding, “He’s so bored and has better things to do with his time.”

What is going on with Ben Affleck?

The length of this house search proves that Ben Affleck is there for a long time. Hello and Lopez has been diligently shopping for at least a month. When you have as much money as they do, you can afford to be picky. Photos from some of these trips don’t prove Affleck is upset with his fiancĂ©e.

Not much to say about the new photos of Lopez and Affleck house purchases. Real estate hunting is stressful in the best of conditions, and you’d have to be crazy to be all smiles during a trip. Also, there is no evidence that Lopez is the only reason they haven’t bought a house yet. This story just plays into stereotypes about men and women that are outdated. For all we know, Affleck could be the sole reason for the heist.

Feeling exhausted from a house search is very human, so there’s really nothing to this story. Affleck and Lopez are still out shopping, so there’s no sign Affleck is wrapping things up or becoming especially cautious. Since the entire story is based solely on the testimony of so-called sources, it is impossible to trust.

Busts of Ben Affleck

In 2020, this outlet claimed Affleck was starving in an attempt to impress Ana de Armas. He did no such thing. Before that, he tried to fuels the drama between de Armas and Jennifer Garner about Affleck. Garner and de Armas have little to do with each other, so this was silly.

In a truly absurd story, Lifestyle Announced George Clooney was trying to bring Affleck and Jennifer Aniston together. Affleck was busy meeting with Lopez at the time, so he was fake as soon as he hit store shelves. Clearly, this is not a valid source for accurate Affleck news.


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