5 Classic Coronation Street Characters That Need To Come Back


Coronation Street is on a roll right now bringing back icons from the past.

In the space of a week they have revealed that Spider Nugent, Stephen Reid and Wendy FLAMIN’ Crozier they’re all on their way back to the cobblestones.

But it is not enough and there are another five that we want to recover.

Cilla is sorely missed (Credit: ITV)

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Cilla Battersby

Les Battersby did many, many things wrong, but the only good thing was keeping Cilla Battersby-Brown for as long as she was.

Yes, she was a terrible human being, but my God, was she watchable.

She made Janice Battersby look like a reasonable woman, and it’s about time she came back to see how her children and grandchildren are doing.

bet lynch

Now, it’s true that Bet’s return to the cobblestones in the early 2000s didn’t get off to a good start.

In fact, she flew away just a few weeks after returning and was never seen again.

The cobblestones have been missing the leopard print ever since, and with her friends (PALS?!) still out on the streets, it would be a mistake if Bet didn’t have one last stint behind the Rovers bar.

Spider is back, does that mean Emily will be too? (Credit: ITV)

emily bishop

Along with Ken Barlow and Rita Tanner, Emily Bishop is a Coronation Street stalwart.

She left the cobblestones a few years ago to volunteer in Peru, as all octogenarians do.

And since then he has moved to Edinburgh but has not returned to the cobblestones.

The street misses Mrs. Bishop and it would be nice of her to come back briefly to say goodbye.

Yes, we’d love to see Sharon come back (Credit: ITV)

Sharon Bentley

Two words: “Take it!”

Sending Sharon’s letter last year was a triumph, especially when she pulled out her Taser and shocked Jenny Connor.

Like Jenny’s return and Debbie Wester’s, Sharon’s return could be a long-running redemption arc.

And if he shoots someone else, so be it.

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Rachel Watts

It will never happen, but we can dream.

While Sarah Lancashire is busy conquering the US with her HBO drama Julia and appearing in the series finale of Happy Valley, she will always be Raquel to us.

We’d be happy even if she just walked the cobblestones in the background at this point.

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