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Working your way up. beth behrs opened up about what fans might not know about her, with the actress revealing that she started out in Hollywood working as an assistant to a deceased icon.

“I worked for Juana Rios in college,” said Behrs, 36, exclusively us weekly. The CBS star The neighborhood was studying at the UCLA School of Film and Television, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in critical studies in 2008, when she landed a job at the fashion police host. He then reveals how the famous comedian, who died in 2014he used to cook for her and give her fancy gifts.

Another iconic funny lady wrote her a note that she had since framed while telling her us she’s dying to go to a dinner party at a certain Oscar winner’s house.

Although an enthusiast, Behrs hopes to reduce her impact on the environment. “Food waste is a big no-no in [my] house,” he explained before revealing how he is trying to create less garbage.

That’s why he’s allied with Send Bamboo Intuition. The sustainable razors feature 75% recycled steel blades and 100% recyclable cardboard packaging, helping Behrs maintain her home, which she shares with her husband. miguel gladiswho is he married in 2018 — as plastic-free as possible.

Keep scrolling for 25 things you didn’t know about Behrs:

1. I brought cowboy boots to my 2 broken girls hearing, and [director] Michael Patrick King He said I should buy myself a pair of heels, the first ones I’ve ever owned, for the screen test.

2. We try to be a plastic free house, so I recently swapped out all my plastic razors for the new Schick Intuition Bamboo razors. They come in certified sustainably sourced and recyclable cardboard packaging, have a unique handle made from 70% renewable bamboo, and give me the same close, smooth shave I’m used to. We also always use reusable bags for sandwiches, groceries, produce, etc.

3. Horses consume my life outside of acting. I have a rescue mare named Belle who is half mustang. I always say, “Who rescued whom?”

4. Food waste is a big no-no in [my] House. I compost daily and finally get some delicious soil for my garden!

5. My childhood best friend is matt doylewho stars Business on Broadway.

6. I recently discovered pickle ball and I’m really obsessed.

7. My best audition and greatest angst was for Eliza Doolittle in My beautiful lady on Broadway and not get the part.

8. I graduated from UCLA with a bachelor’s degree in theater, film and television. I wanted to make documentaries. Shut up.

9. In elementary school, I used to pretend I was sick to stay home and watch i love lucy reruns

10. He was a total athlete growing up. My football team named me “The biggest beast in the smallest package.”

11. I love a good fart joke. I always have. Always want.

12. I sold my first comedy script to Lionsgate last year.

13. I was a waitress in real life for a very short time. I quit after I spilled 60 ounce glasses of beer on a table of 10.

14. I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, and a meditation practice I learned called yoga nidra saved my life. now i teach [it] for the Obé fitness app.

15. I am happiest and calmest when I am in nature or reading a beautiful book.

16. My favorite food group is pasta.

17. The celebrity I like is stanley tucci. I would give anything to go to dinner at his house.

18. I worked for Joan Rivers in college and she used to cook me eggs and give me jewelry.

19. My sister and I started an equine therapy program for survivors of sexual assault.

20. I make a giant green smoothie every day. It’s the only way I’ll eat my vegetables.

21. My grandmother was the first person I learned physical comedy from. She used to pull her teeth for laughs in fancy restaurants.

22. My dream job is one like the Carol Burnett Show. I keep a framed handwritten note from her on my desk.

23. My favorite quote is “Laughter is carbonated holiness” by ana lamot.

24. My husband and I have been keeping bees for over eight years.

25. I try to write a poem every morning. Feed my soul.

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